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Corporate Social Responsibilities
1. Run business equitably and against corruption
2. Respect human rights and Labor practices
3. Services responsibilities
4. Environment conservation
5. Community or society development
6. Continuous development for sustainable organization
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Corporate Social Responsibilities: CSR

Qualitech Public Company Limited determines to undertakes its business in good governance, intends morally run business accompany with focus on internal and external corporate social responsibilities. This is one of our strategies to endure continuity business development which covers controlling and developing personnel, runs business equitably for every parties, thinks over on safety and quality of services, takes action  to develop community, effectively utilize natural resources and also aware of environmental conservation.

Our company realizes that we undertakes the business in engineering and safety inspection services by providing Non-Destructive Testing, Inspection and certification service which is comply with international standard and law. It is our priority responsibility to strictly follow safety standard system in Thailand and oversea as our company value “Reliability, Safety and Quality.” 

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