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Corporate Governance Policies
Chapter 1 Shareholders’ Rights
Chapter 2 Equal Treatment of Shareholders
Chapter 3 Role of Stakeholders
Chapter 4 Disclosure of Data and Transparency
Chapter 5 Responsibility of the Board of Directors
Supervision of Using of Internal Data
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Corporate Governance Policies

Qualitech Public Company Limited is well aware of the importance of compliance with the principle of good corporate governance for the operation of its business. Thus, the Board of Directors has implemented its policy on the directors of the Company to comply with the principle and best practices which are in line with the Code of Best Practices for Directors of Listed Company in accordance with the guidelines of the Stock Exchange of Thailand. In this connection, practicality is taken into account during the formulation of any relevant provision. Furthermore, the Company adopts the principle of good corporate governance as a guideline to develop its policy which covers rights and equality of shareholders and stakeholders, structure, role and function, responsibility and independence of directors, disclosure of information and transparency, risk control and management, as well as ethics in business. This is to ensure the efficiency and transparency of the management and operation of business of the Company. The principle consists of the following 5 chapters: