The main business of Qualitech Plc. is the provision of third-party engineering services i.e. testing and giving engineering advices that meet the international standards, as an independent expert for various organizations for the purpose of inspection and quality assessment in accordance with the international standards as specified by the clients. The Company’s provision of engineering services can be divided into 2 parts:

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2. Inspection and Certification is a continuous or add-on process from the Non-Destructive Testing by using different testing methods, including non-destructive testing, to inspect a object and assess the test as well as producing a report certifying the serviceability of the tested sample with a conclusion whether or not the it is suitable for usage. Inspection and certification includes, for instance, inspection and certification pursuant to the laws for LPG and NGV tanks, piping, boilers and fixed tanks. 

The Company provides services to both domestic and foreign clients. The Company’s main clients are businesses in the energy industry such as power plants, oil refineries, petrochemical plants, gas separation plants, gas filling plants and plants for manufacturing and installing machinery equipment; as well as users of tanks, machinery, equipment which must be inspected in accordance with the law to ensure safety such as boilers, cranes, LPG tanks, dangerous chemical tanks and high pressure tanks. 

The clients for non-destructive testing and those of inspection and certification can be distinguished. 90 per cent of the clients for non-destructive testing belong to a group of project contractors, from which the Company is in turn contracted for NDT. As for inspection and certification, 70 per cent of the clients are project owners and the works are normally annual plant inspection and inspection for certification as required by law.