Career opportunities


Qualitech Public Company limited is located at Rayong and Chonburi. The company is looking for dedicated and ambitious candidates to achieve common goals. Basic qualifications are as follows

• High sense of responsibility                   
• Self improvement                    
• Ability to work as a team                   
• Service-minded                   
• Ability to work under pressure                   
• Readiness to travel upcountry                   
• Ability to work overtime                   
• Good command in English (an advantage)

If you are looking for career opportunities and progression, Qualitech is the answer. You may apply for a job at Qualitech Public Company limited or send your application to the email below.

Career opportunities... Update 10/10/2017
















22-25 years of age


Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical

-Driving license is required

-Analytical skills, Communication literacy

-Welcome new graduates

Ban Bung branch office



20-35 years of age
Vocational or high vocational in Metal / Mechanical / motor etc.

-Driving license is required

-Analytical skills, Communication literacy

Sri Rachabranch office

Welfare and Mandated Benefits...

Provident fund
Group healthcare and group accident insurance
Physical examination
Employees shuttle
Returns on English Certification
Returns on working
Extracurricular activities



1. Head Office
21/3 Banplong Road, Maptaphut,
Muang, Rayong 21150
Tel. +66 3869-1408 to 10
Fax. +66 1956-1959. +66 3869-2028
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