Client Name

Scope of Work

บริษัท เชลล์แห่งประเทศไทย จำกัด

The Shell Company of Thailand Limited

LPG Spherical Storage Tank No.47 capacity 700 m3,
piping system and their safety devices (after 5 years service),
25 units of LPG lorry tanks, capacity of 16.0 m3 each.

บริษัท เวิลด์แก๊ส (ประเทศไทย) จำกัด


Two units of LPG Spherical Tank, capacity 1000 m3
and piping system (after 5 years service).



Supplying all Radiographic Inspection service and inspection
service for LPG sphere and piping system in accordance
with the PWD regulation for Oil Tankageand LPG Sphere
Construction Offsite Piping Modification at the Bangchak
Petroleum PLC's Refinery.
Provision RT, MT, and PT for Oil Tankage and LPG Sphere
Construction for Bangchak Petroleum Co., Thailand
including 11 units storage tanks and 1 unit sphere tank,
totally 5,600 tones weight.


Radiographic Examination service by Gamma Ray (Ir 192)
and X-Ray for piping work for Thai Petroleum Pipeline Co., Ltd.
at Saraburi and Bang Pa-in Depot.
Provision of x-ray crawler services for 76 kms. of 14" Dia
and 86 kms. of 18" & 10" pipeline from Bangkok Aviation
Fuel Services's Depot and Lumlukka to Saraburi.


บริษัท โซคอนเอ็นจิเนียริ่ง จำกัด


RT, MT, PT, UT certified and approved as testing agency
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Saipem Asia Sdn Bhd

36" x 180 Kms. pipeline, between the two biggest power
plant's of Thailand.