Asset Integrity & Plant Inspection

To ensure the safe operation and reliability of process equipment and compliance with the Safety standards and regulations, owners of equipment must have effective systems for managing the integrity of their equipment throughout its full life cycle; from when it is designed, constructed and installed, and throughout its service life (i.e., operation, maintenance, repairs, alterations, integrity assessments, etc.).    An effective Integrity Management will also enable inspection (integrity assessment) and other resources to be optimized, reduce plant downtime, and ensure that there is appropriate control of all assets.


The aim of the asset integrity management process is to provide a framework for the following:
  • Compliance with company standards, international standards, and regulatory requirements
  • Assurance of technical integrity by the application of risk based or risk informed engineering principles and techniques
  • Delivery of the required safety, environmental and operational performance
  • Retention of the License to Operate
  • Optimization of the activities and the resources required to operate the facilities whilst maintaining system integrity
  • Assurance of the facilities’ fitness for purpose

Qualitech Public Company Limited provides the following services: