Eddy Current Array (ECA)

Eddy current array (ECA) is a test using eddy current arrays. It is a non-destructive testing technology. It is a technique used to inspect metal parts. The test method can be done quickly. used to specify the surface Test for bugs in sheet metal and tubes surface in conductive material Accurate results ECA tests are used mainly in the power generation, automotive and petrochemical industries. To identify surface defects in copper, brass, titanium, aluminum, carbon steel, stainless and Inconel materials.

Eddy current array (ECA)

Eddy current array (ECA)   is a non-destructive testing method. for inspecting metal parts An eddy current is an alternating magnetic field created when an alternating current is passed through one or more coils in a probe assembly. When connecting the probe to the part under inspection An alternating magnetic field induces eddy currents in the test segment. Any discontinuity or variation in the properties of the test section will change the eddy current flow. And will be detected by the probe to measure the thickness of the material. Or find material defects such as cracks and corrosion.