Magnetic Particle Test (MT)

Magnetic Particle Test

Should you need a helpful test on material surface or looking for imperfections that are very near to surface, Qualitech provides Magnetic Particle Test for your solution, you then have no need to worry about time consumption and costly method. It is conducted by introducing a magnetic flux into the material. If an area of flux leakage is present the ferrous particles will form a visual indication of the discontinuity. It
can inspect either color contrast or fluorescent systems.

Magnetic Particle Test is used to locate surface and slightly subsurface discontinuity such
as seams, laps, grinding cracks and quenching crack and also in-service damage in
ferromagnetic materials.

– Reliable method for detecting surface or subsurface discontinuity in ferromagnetic

– Pre-cleaning not as critical as Dye Penetrant Test
– Simple and Rapid
– Cost effective