Scorpion Ultrasonic Crawler (UTM Crawler)

Scorpion Ultrasonic Crawler

Scorpion Ultrasonic Crawler (UTM Crawler)  Scorpion is a dry coupled remote operated ultrasonic crawler system. The system comprises a crawler vehicle, capable of adhering to vertical and horizontal surfaces, a wheel probe, incorporating a dry coupled rubber tyre, a control module allowing connection to any Ultrasonic flaw detector, a steering keypad allowing full control over the crawler, a 50m umbilical cable which carries the motor control and ultrasonic signals and a 12v battery pack which will power the system continuously for 8 hours.


  • Thickness Gauging without Rope Access / Scaffolding on ferrous material
  •  Vertical surfaces such as oil storage tank shells, or towers and stacks
  • Circumferential surfaces including horizontal pressure vessels and spheres as well as above and below horizontal surfaces

Benefits of Scorpion Ultrasonic Crawler  :

  • Cost reduction (Ultrasonic method without the need for costly scaffolding or rope access associated with UT thickness gauging)