Storage Tank

Qualitech Public Company Limited is the Department of Energy Business (DOEB) Level-3 registered inspection company which has the ability to inspect and certify any size of oil storage tanks and all other chemical storage tanks.   It is mandatory by Thai law that storage tanks and its piping containing oil, fuel, and hazardous chemicals must be inspected for externally condition and internal depend on condition and related regulations by authorized person.   New construction, repaired and modified tanks are also required to inspect.

Qualitech is committed to our Standard, Safety, Economic and Environmental friendly, not only tank cleaning service but we provide one stop service as a total solution service provider. For tank cleaning service , we provide both oil tank cleaning and chemical tank cleaning.
The internal cleaning of tanks fulfils several requirements:
– To remove hazardous products for safe disposal.
– To reduce the risk to personnel during internal modification work.
– To aid invasive inspection procedures (eg. non-destructive wall thickness checks) for determining the condition of the tank.
– To ensure no cross contamination of product should the tank use change.


  • Vertical aboveground storage tanks
  • Horizontal storage tanks
  • Underground storage tanks
  • Oil transport tanks

Storage Tank Services.