Ultrasonic Test (UT)

Ultrasonic Test

As an alternative to avoid radiation and to determine exact discontinuities, we, Qualitech, serve customers with Ultrasonic Test. It is performed by transmitting energy into material via probe and measures the time of sound pulse takes to return to the probe. If a discontinuity present, the sound pulse reflects back to the probe in the time other than that appropriate to good condition material.


     Ultrasonic Test is used to locate internal discontinuities and also be used to measure the thickness of materials, a common method of evaluating metal losses due to corrosion or erosion. With our high level of operator training and competence, we can precisely determine defects and applying suitable testing procedure for the best result.


– UT equipment has extreme sensitivity
– Sensitive to planar discontinuity at various orientation
– Very accurate to measure depth and through-wall extent
– Economical in terms of high-speed, large or small scale testing of material.
– Safety
– Require access only one side