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Qualitech Public Company Limited

Qualitech Public Company Limited undertakes the business in the safety engineering field by providing Non-Destructive Testing, Inspection and Certification services, Risk-Based Inspection (RBI), Mechanical and Metallurgical Testing, Maintenance and Restoration Service and engineering advices as an independent third party engineering service provider to various organizations in order to test and evaluate equipment against international standards and requirements specified by the clients, including legal requirements.


Qualitech Public Company Limited is committed to becoming a leader in providing One-Stop Services for Engineering Testing, Inspection and Certification for Safety in The ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) with an emphasis on applying Innovations in service provision in parallel with the continued development of Staff. The Company realized the significance of Social Responsibility and Professional Ethics for Sustainable Business Expansion. 


  1. Expand to provide services for engineering testing, inspection and certification for public safety in the ASEAN Region.
  2. Continually invent and develop the innovation of new services so as to thoroughly respond to customer insights.
  3. Enhance and elevate personnel competency in a continuous manner along with cultivating professional ethics.
  4. We pledge to conduct business with relentless Commitment to the principles of good governance, social responsibility, and environmental stewardship



The company provides services to both domestic and international customers. The majority of its customers are companies in energy industry

By Service

Advanced Non-Destructive Test
Asset Integrity & Plant Inspection
Inspection & Certification

By Industry

Metal Manufacturer / Importer Industry
Fabrication & Construction Industrials
Power Generation Industry

By Equipment

Pressure Vessel
Storage Tank
Heat Exchanger
Piping System


Qualitech Public Company Limited was established on 11 February 1991, and currently has a total registered capital of 98 million baht. We are committed to becoming a leader in providing one-stop services inspection & engineer solution. With over 30 years of experience, we have gained recognition and acceptance from a wide range of industrial customers both domestically and internationally.

Our team consists of high-quality professionals with extensive experience and expertise in their field as they have undergone training in compliance with international standards and regulations. We are dedicated to continually enhancing the quality of our services, ensuring that our clients can trust in the excellence and efficiency of our offerings.

Clients Company
Completed Job 2023

Non-Destructive Test By Qualitech


The company provides services to both domestic and international customers. The majority of its customers are companies in energy industry

Qualitech Public Company Limited participated in the ceremony to receive the plaque of honor as a recognition

On the 16th of November 2566, Qualitech Public Company Limited participated in the opening ceremony of the “THAI-AUSTRIAN TECH OPEN HOUSE 2023.”


Certified Companies of Thai Private Sector Collective Action Against Corruption

On Friday, July 14, 2023, Mr. Somkiat Aramruangkul Chief Executive Officer of Qualitech Public Company Limited


Qualitech Public Company Limited joins as a sponsor of the 31st National Vocational Skills and Basic Skills Competition.

Qualitech Public Company Limited has joined as a part of the sponsors in the academic conference of the Future Professional Organization of Thailand,


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We have dedicated to put in place measures for whistleblowing and complaint-filing against wrong doing, violations of the code of conduct, or dubious behavior implying fraud or malfeasance by those within Qualitech, to ensure Good Corporate Governance. If the complaints were receives about possible violations, an investigation panel of representatives of agencies with no interests in such matters will be set up to deliberate and take due actions.

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